Attending a payments industry trade show isn’t always feasible. Maybe the trade show doesn’t work with your schedule. Or maybe it’s not in the budget this year. Luckily, you can still benefit from a trade show, even when you can’t attend in-person.

Here are three great ways to take advantage of a payments industry trade show using social media.

Reach out to exhibitors and speakers. Large industry trade shows like TRANSACT18 share event schedules detailing keynotes speakers, session facilitators, panelists, and exhibitors. Even if you can’t attend the actual trade show, you can use this information as a way to network. For example, let’s say you want to understand the opportunities and challenges of providing electronic payments to merchants in new markets when they’re governed by different federal and state laws (e.g. legalized cannabis, the gaming industry). You can identify relevant sessions and reach out to the speakers via LinkedIn or email. You can use trade show information to schedule connect with industry thought leaders.

Engage on social media. As a leading provider in the payments industry, our team at Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) attends some of the best payments industry trade shows each year. During these trade shows, we share event updates on social media. For instance, we recently published live blogs for the Southeast Acquirers Association Conference and the Northeast Acquirers Association Conference. You can use social media to virtually access and benefit from industry trade shows.

Watch livestreams and recaps. At other times, technology makes it possible to view live streams or recorded sessions. Some trade shows choose to live stream portions of the event because it expands their audience. As virtual technology and webcasting become more common, shows and exhibitors will continue to offer virtual opportunities to interested parties when in-person attendance is not possible.

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