In the past, we’ve shared tips on how to rock a trade show. Check out the post for details on creating a daily agenda, seizing opportunities, and taking notes on business cards. Remember though, the fun doesn’t stop there. As the saying goes, “you get out of it what you put in”. That means the more work you put in to prepare for the event, the more return you’ll see on your investment. Our 4 advanced tips for attending a payments industry trade show can help you make the most of your time at one of these industry events.

  1. Set personal goals. Prior to arriving at a trade show, take time to review the full agenda and write down the top five goals you want to achieve while you’re there. It’s easy to show up at a conference and wander around without a plan, but if you really want to get the most out of your time and money, arrive prepared. Do you want to attend breakout sessions? What do you want to learn about? Do you want to meet executives from Fintech startups? Who are they and when’s the best time to meet them? Review the conference agenda in the context of your personal goals and decide which events are the most important to you.
  2. Learn about the latest technology. As you brainstorm trade show goals, keep in mind that payments industry conferences and events are great places to learn about industry advancements and the latest payments technology. Take advantage of panel discussions such as ‘New Players in the Payments Ecosystem’, or breakout sessions covering topics like ‘contactless payments’ or ‘blockchain’. These interactive discussions, often led by industry thought leaders, can be incredibly valuable learning opportunities.
  3. Network with professional organizations and peers. Trade shows are also the perfect place to network with professional organizations and other attendees. You can also prepare for this networking in advance. Brainstorm several conversation starters and make a list of people you want to meet. If there is a specific organization you want to get acquainted with, make note of that as well. Networking is a social aspect of industry events, but it also allows for conversations that can lead to future opportunities.
  1. Ask questions about new partnership opportunities. If you’re a current ISO agent or are looking to become one, it’s always smart to explore and discuss new partnership opportunities while you’re at a trade show. Meet with ISO representatives and ask questions about things like the residuals you can earn, the level of marketing assistance you may receive, the access you’ll have to support professionals, along with the variety, availability, and quality of the equipment you will be offered. Always critically evaluate partnership opportunities and ISO agent programs to determine the best fit for you.

The next time you attend an industry trade show, set personal goals, learn about the latest technology, network, and inquire about new partnership opportunities! And if you can’t attend a trade show in person, engage online by following the show’s official hashtag.

If you’re attending this year’s Western States Acquirers Association (WSAA) show in Palm Springs, California, be sure to stop by! The Electronic Merchant Systems team will be waiting at Booth #69 to meet you and talk about our ISO Agent Program. Be sure to visit our blog again soon for more information on what to expect at WSAA 2019!

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